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March for Change on Saturday January 26!

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March for Change on Saturday January 26!
(Brad Marsh)
The government’s best kept secrets are starting to be told.  The unravelling of our once
decent and socially responsible society is firmly underway.  Many examples are
provided below to illustrate how our education system, monetary policies, health care
system, the environment and manufacturing infrastructure are all under attack from
bankers and corporations by using our own elected representatives.

The ultimate insult to every Canadian in this truly unprecedented attack on the
education sector is the temporary suspension of the Canadian Charter of Rights and
Freedoms.   Benjamin Franklin was clearly warning us: those that can give up liberty for
a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.  Government malfeasance
accurately describes this intrusion on the Charter.  McGuinty and Broten try and make it
sound justifiable, but don’t be fooled.  Canadians need to remember that the Charter is
the glue that holds us together and the platform on which our democracy rests.  Without
it we are lost.  The Canadians who wrote it and fought for it are beseeching us now to
protect it!

I hear people say, “Things aren’t that bad”.  This view is understandable only in the
context of mainstream media.  We must start looking outside our major news channels
to find more of the truth.  Dictatorships are controlled by force and democracies are
controlled by media.1 Make no mistake, media has the bulk of people on the planet so
distracted, the oligarchs are running wild.  In Ontario, our only chance to regain a
legitimate democracy is to inform the public about the facts.  Democracy only works
when people make decisions based on all of the information available and not just
preselected snippets on the six o’clock news.

Listed below are facts and sources that I hope will begin to spark a paradigm shift in
your understanding of the malevolent forces that are shaping our country.  People are
beginning to see through the often rosy and biased picture painted in the media.  We
are experiencing the lower standards of living, decreasing maternity leaves, low wage
jobs and an increase in poverty and sickness.  On a larger scale the financial crises,
war mongering and environmental devastation need to cease.  Change must start now
because the ruling elite rarely stop and don’t care much about human hardship.  We’ll
have to fight them together and probably with dissent.  And they’re coming after the
pensions too – nothing is safe.  Eventually they will come for it all, and it’s probably
closer than you think.

I urge you to fight with everything you’ve got to help rid ourselves of this tyrannical profit
over people regime(s) before we lose a lot more than we already have.

All Canadian citizens should be marching against this government from Allan
Gardens on Saturday January 26 @ 12:00 PM to the Liberal Leadership
Convention.  Don’t miss it for anything!


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